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5 Steps you should not forget to succeed after an oven purchase

The Technical Support team of Pujol, guided by its Area Manager Javier Cañas, give us 5 key points for having a successful start-up.

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EVALAM awarded by Casa Decor as Jury Prize for best project 2017 by Erico Navazo Interior Designer

Casa Decor is an exclusive exhibition of interior design that for 40 days opens to the public...

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Greetings from Glasstec 2018

Pujol in media

Finland chooses PUJOL-100 PVB+

Pujol selected for high versatility and flexibility...

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EVALAM awarded by Casa Decor

The Jury prize as ‘Best project 2017’ has been for interior Designer Erico Navazo...

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EVALAM VISUALilla toteutettu projekti Bulgariassa:

The project for the open-air museum of the ancient Sérdica was commissioned by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and comprises an area of 800 square meters where three glass domes laminated with Evalam Visual cover the archeological remains of Sofia Largo.

The glass domes are over 6’ high, and 195’ long; they can sustain a weight up to 500 lbs with their thickness of 11/16”.The total area of the domes will be about 8,600 square feet. The three domes that decorate the area are made with a glass composition of ‘Guadian Clear Float and HD Diamond 66’ Tempered-Curved 5/16” + 5/16” and laminated with 4 layers of Evalam Visual 0.38 mm thickness.

Thanks to the durability of Evalam Visual, without losing inert properties of high adhesion and crosslink; it is the essential complement for use in curved + tempered glass, in which the flatness of the glass is compromised. This meant architect prescribed Evalam Visual over traditional PVB systems, for its unparalleld adhesion values above 140N/cm2 for Evalam compared to PVB values of 60 N/cm2. Assuring higher durability and a lower risk of long-term delamination. Another essential requirement was security for people and goods and the answer is found in a thermoplastic such as Evalam; its high crosslink index> 88% (3D crosslinking) ensures stability against extreme temperatures above 30°C and below -10° C.

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