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EVALAM awarded by Casa Decor as Jury Prize for best project 2017 by Erico Navazo Interior Designer

Casa Decor is an exclusive exhibition of interior design that for 40 days opens to the public...

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EVALAM awarded by Casa Decor

The Jury prize as ‘Best project 2017’ has been for interior Designer Erico Navazo...

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Find out the seven reasons why Evalam Visual is being the preferred option for the laminated glass professionals:


There are two factors that directly affect the human eyes ability to determine the optical quality of laminated glass.


• In laminated glass the better transparency or optical quality is mainly defined by what we call Haze. Haze is the amount of light that goes through the glass but is transmitted in a fuzzy way, seen by the human eye as a milky white color.
• Visual offers a better haze value than PVB







> 0.4


• Light transmittance is understood to be the percentage of visible light that passes directly through the glass.
• In the table we see that Evalam Visual has a higher percentage than its competitors.


The crosslink is bonding between two or more molecules and is the property that provides strength and stability to the laminated glass.

• Thanks to a crosslink value of over 87%, Evalam Visual is a thermo-stable material thermally and mechanically which makes it a material with durability and stability well over any thermoplastic such as PVB.


EVALAM VISUAL has been developed to have a strong resistance to humidity. It then avoids the dreaded delamination that appears under unfavorable weather conditions and over time when a laminated glass is installed with open edge.

• This fact is apparent when we submit EVALAM VISUAL and PVB to a Humidity and destructive test. At eight hours the PVB suffers defects more than 2.5 cm from the edge of the glass piece while EVALAM VISUAL remains unchanged in perfect condition after 20 hours.


UV filtering provides a lower attack rate to bodies or objects behind the glass and above all a longer life cycle of our laminated glass.


• Evalam Visual has three times higher adhesion than PVB, making it a product that is especially suitable for glasses that have to withstand mechanical stresses or fatigue, such as doors, stairs, or exterior facades.

• Tempered glass that is laminated has deformation memory, eventually it will try to return to its original state with adhesion being the only factor preventing this phenomenon occurring.


EVALAM Visual has better adhesion properties than PVB at room temperature, but: Did you know that summer’s average temperature in facades in many countries is around 40-50° C, in this conditions PVB completely loses its adhesion?

Evalam VISUAL has a Tg* of -18 to + 39°C *Tg is the transition temperature (solid-solid) when a strong change of the physical and mechanical properties of the material occurs. The polymer when cooled below -18 °C, becomes stiff and hard. Above this temperature they are soft and gummy. Tests with Evalam Visual are always at a temperature above its Tg -18°C so they are true tests and barely affect the general properties of the interlayer. On the contrary PVB, from 39°C upwards, the material becomes soft and gummy, losing initial properties such as adhesion to the glass, a property that is not lost with Visual thanks to its high crosslink value and the fact it is thermostable. This data is easily checked with a peel test where a piece of glass is laminated to a piece on PET (polyester sheet) and is subjected to a heating process of 40°C for two hours. With PVB, the PET and PVB can be removed from the glass by hand, meaning at 40°C the PVB has little or no adhesion value.


In recent years due to the high development of our society the noise level has tripled and with this so have architectural requirements. EVALAM VISUAL gives a higher soundproofing than standard PVB which makes it an excellent product for noisy environments and for double glazing.


Typically speaking, the main reason glass is used as a building product, aside from it’s aesthetic properties, is for the protection it offers to both goods and people behind it. These glasses are usually laminated together with tempered glass and regardless of the lamination material, PVB or EVA, both have the same classifications.

Evalam is classified as “break safe”, according to Pendulum test UNE-EN 12600: 2003 and it has the maximum safety certification :, 1B1 = 4T 4T.2 in Drop Ball test according UNE-EN 12600: 2003, with only 0.76mm of tempered glass.





Päämiehemme Hornos Industriales Pujol toimittaa kevään 2016 aikana Lasiliiri Oy:lle Riihimäelle uuden automaattisen laminointi- ja asennuslinjan. Pujolin ratkaisu mahdollistaa autoklaavittoman laminointiprosessin säästäen näin huomattavasti tuotantoprosessin energia- ja vesikuluja. Linja tuo mukanaan myös EVA-laminoinnin, joka on tutkitusti ominaisuuksiltaan perinteistä PVB-laminointia parempi. Pujolilla on laaja valikoima EVA-pohjaisia laminointikalvoja eri käyttötarkoituksiin ja yhdessä linjan kanssa löytyy ratkaisu asiakkaiden erilaisiin tarpeisiin. EVA-laminointi mahdollistaa lisäksi erilaisten älylasien valmistuksen, joissa LCD-kalvon ja sähkön avulla pystytään muokkaamaan laminoidun lasin ominaisuuksia kuten läpinäkyvyyttä.



Matti Malin, North East Trading Oy with Ari Liiri, toim.joht. Lasiliiri Oy


Finished assembly and the automated line in production