EVALAM VISUAL-laminointikalvo ja PUJOL-uunit ja automaattiset asennuslinjat

PUJOL acquires the glass division of the Italian company Teknokilns to expand its portfolio and strongly enters the tempered glass sector

HORNOS INDUSTRIALES PUJOL announces the acquisition of the glass division of the Italian company TEKNOKILNS. which completely ceases its activity. The agreement contemplates the incorporation of the entire client portfolio, as well as the services, know-how and engineering for the manufacture and development of thermal tempering furnaces of the Italian company. Which will be manufactured entirely in the production plant that PUJOL has in Barcelona (Spain)

The agreement is part of the company's expansion plan and strengthens PUJOL'S position in all transformation processes associated with the concept of safety glass. With this new movement, the Spanish company remains faithful to its DNA, which bases its growth on the offer of services and products with high technological added value and which to date has allowed it to be present in more than 100 countries. This same philosophy has remained unchanged since the beginning of the company more than 110 years ago and after four generations at the helm of its management.

This important movement also means covering a gap in its product portfolio with a new offer that to date had no proposal in its portfolio, and will allow PUJOL to position itself as a preferred partner in the market in the manufacture of transformation solutions of safety glass, both for laminated glass and tempered glass, with which all customers can count on PUJOL as an integral partner to cover their production needs.

The new “TEMPER FLEX” tempering furnaces will be based on an offer of furnaces equipped with various innovative technological solutions of unique convection heating systems, with single or double heating chamber, and will be fully suitable for layer and selective glass tempering. low emissivity. Highlighting in all models its low energy consumption (kw/m2) in all processed products, its high final optical quality due to low planimetry distortion, all accompanied by great flexibility and adaptability of its operation, with low maintenance and above all with a little installed power necessary for its commissioning.

In the case of models with a single chamber, heating will be carried out by means of preheated air circulating inside the oven, this will lead to significant savings in operating costs, in addition to provide better performance, greater temperature uniformity and higher optical quality of the end product.

The new oven will have 3 basic measurements between 3,600 x 1,500 / 4,500 x 2,500 / 6,000 x 3,200 meters.

Jorge Pujol CEO of PUJOL affirms “This new acquisition, together with PUJOL's centuries-old tradition and experience in the development of ovens, reinforces our commitment as a company to our customers to offer them a reliable and advanced product. We are following our “Road Book 2020” which we were forced to pause and review due to the COVID pandemic, but now we are back to cruising speed that has always differentiated us as a leading and innovative company”

For his part, Joaquín Pujol, commercial director of PUJOL remarked “We are fully satisfied to close a new circle, which surely will not be the last within our Plan. Our customers will benefit from a product and a global offer with a high technological value that will allow them to gain in competitiveness and service."

Glasstec returns with the confirmed presence of PUJOL

Glasstec returns, the most important event in the world of glass, and Pujol Group will be present with a stand of 300 square meters. A space where you can discover the most complete and reliable range of solutions for laminated glass on the market. We will be at Stand D40 inside Hall 11.
New AB-AR catalog
You can check the new catalog of AB-AR, the structural interlayer developed by EVALAM with high-performance mechanical resistance that provides post-breakage passive safety when tempered glass is used [See AB-AR catalog]
New PDLC catalog from i-ON by Pujol.Discover in-depth this high-performance product with unique characteristics. A solution suitable for many architectural and decorative applications [See the i-ON by Pujol catalog]

We've launched a new corporate website and the sites of the companies of our Group

The new web pages have a renewed, cleaner, and more orderly design that simplifies navigation, the searching for information helps to intuitively way know the wide range of products and services of each of the companies.

All of them are available in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French, and Russian. The new websites have been completely updated, following a clean aesthetic with images and light colors that provide lightness and visual lightness. The smallest details have been taken care of; from the typography to the distribution of the contents to be able to build timeless pages but adapted to the current era.

Stop for a moment and take a look by clicking on the logos of each of the companies. It doesn't matter if you access it through a mobile, tablet, or computer.

Hornos Industriales Pujol, S.A.

Follow this link to a great video by Glass Open Book to find out more about Pujol Group and it's machinery and Evalam


Pujol Group, the only international group fully specialized in the development of laminated glass with EVA and owner of the companies Hornos Industriales Pujol, SA, Evalam and i-ON by Pujol, has released its new corporate identity with a change of logos for their three firms.

New isotypes have been created following the same corporate pattern. The logos represent the values of excellence and technology that have defined the three companies of the group from the origins.

The new corporate identity projects the company into the future, enhancing its image of proximity. This is achieved thanks, among others, to the new typography that has been carried out following a simpler and closer line with the client, characterized by its clarity and readability. To remain recognizable, the main corporate colours of each of the group's companies have been maintained.

The renewed image, whose implementation will be carried out immediately, represents a new chapter in the more than 100-year history of the company and is included in the important transformation process that the Group is undergoing, which, among others, led to the beginning of the year announce the incorporation of a new production unit.

"As the fourth generation in charge of the company, we are proud to do this new change of image in our corporate identity. We change the appearance, but not the philosophy. The new logos will continue to represent our values. We have great customers who have accompanied us in our growth for years. They know that we´ll continue being the same and that we´ll continue working hard to improve day by day "says Jorge Pujol, CEO of Pujol Group



We are facing an exceptional situation that requires us, businesses and people, to assume our responsibility with our most powerful strength. Responsibility that, from all the businesses that belong to the PUJOL GROUP, we have assumed. The following initiatives have been implemented to allow us to be prepared and guarantee continuity and quality in the supply of our products:

1.-Responsibility with people
Our purpose is to ensure the health and safety of all of our teams who work in our offices or in our factories in Barcelona or A Coruña. We have provided them with all the possible facilities to work remotely from their homes. We have enabled the necessary communication channels to maintain permanent contact with those Area Responsible and with the General Management.

2.-Responsibility to our clients
We assume our responsibility to maintain our commitments with the clients and continue providing the best service to continue their business. Therefore:
  • Our sales team attends all customer requests as per usual.
  • Our logistics team attends and works as per usual, managing all the incoming requests, guaranteeing as far as possible the best delivery conditions of the goods.
  • Our purchasing department is in consistent contact with our regular suppliers and already has reliable alternative solutions in case of shortages.
  • In order to continue providing you and supplying you our products and for previously acquired projects -and during the current situation-, the production factories in Barcelona and A Coruña will continue their operations. The recommendations of the health authorities will be applied at all times to reduce the possible risk of infection.
  • We will try to avoid physical contact and interactions with our clients and collaborators unless strictly necessary. If it is necessary, they will be at a minimum distance of 1.5 m - 2 m. We hope that our clients will understand this necessary measure.
We hope that these initiatives contribute to giving continuity to our activity. For any query or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are at your disposal to resolve any inconvenience you may encounter.

Pujol in BATIMAT - Paris 2019

Pujol in Vitrum 2019

We are very pleased to invite you to visit our Booth during Vitrum Trade Fair Exhibition, which will take place in Milan from 1st to 4th October 2019.

We are a company specialized in the sector of laminated glass and offering a complete 360º service; ovens, complete rolling solutions, consumables, training and give a technical assistance service. We take very seriously the advantage of attending Vitrum 2019 to showcase our extensive range of products, but also to present cutting-edge news that surely would be of your interest.

Taking advantage of your visit to our stand, do not hesitate to request information from our team about how Pujol Ovens can help you to reduce costs up to 25% in human, technical and time resources in the long and tedious process of cleaning the glass or in the preparation of laminated glass thanks to the unique system developed by Pujol: LEAKAGE CONTROL SYSTEM.

We really hope to see you there! Please kindly keep in mind that our Booth will be situated in Hall 7, Stand I-19 N-20. If you want to come, follow this link.

Yours faithfully,

Newsletter nº64 - March 2019



Pujol has submitted to a new performance test of the structural safety interlayer, AB-AR, this time exposing the specimens to the post-break resistance test at a temperature of 50°C, the test has been carried out in climatic chambers by the Institute of Structural Engineering at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich, which is the maximum reference worldwide in this field. + información



The Valencian company LUNIGLASS SL, a company belonging to the consolidated and world reference in the manufacture of transformed glass, GRUPO CRISDUR, in its commitment to bet for the quality of the finished product, as well as in the production processes, has recently closed a purchase agreement for a PUJOL-100 PVB + line measuring 50x28.
+ información


One more year Pujol was present at the EURASIA GLASS FAIR fair, which took place from 6 to 9 March in Istanbul. Together with our distributor in Turkey FGI we had the opportunity to present our products with special attention to EVALAM and AB-AR, as well as the range of ovens for processing laminated glass.

I-On Glass in ISE'19

This year has been our first year as exhibitors in the world's largest audiovisual and integrated systems event, so for all of us it has been a special occasion as well as interesting and enriching, since as the only 360 ° manufacturer and reference at the level The global market of glass has allowed us to present physically the newest product within our extensive range, we refer to dynamic glass marketed under the brand I-ON by Pujol.


For second time we will be again at MIR STEKLA, the international exhibition for the glass industry that will take place in Moscow from April 2 to 5, 2019, the persons in charge of the PUJOL headquarters, Mr. Boris Lipin as Managing Director & Mr. Dmitry Ushakov, Commercial Director and Mr. Zoran Skoric Area Manager will receive you kindly at the PUJOL BOOTH FG070.

Innovation & Development

5 Steps you should not forget to succeed after an oven purchase

The Technical Support team of Pujol, guided by its Area Manager Javier Cañas give us 5 key points for having a successful start-up.

+ information

EVALAM awarded by Casa Decor as Jury Prize for best project 2017 by Erico Navazo Interior Designer

Casa Decor is an exclusive exhibition of interior design that for 40 days opens to the public...

+ information

Come join us at:

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Pujol in media

Finland chooses PUJOL-100 PVB+

Pujol selected for high versatility and flexibility...

+ information

EVALAM awarded by Casa Decor

The Jury prize as ‘Best project 2017’ has been for interior Designer Erico Navazo...

+ information

Find out the seven reasons why Evalam Visual is being the preferred option for the laminated glass professionals:


There are two factors that directly affect the human eyes ability to determine the optical quality of laminated glass.


• In laminated glass the better transparency or optical quality is mainly defined by what we call Haze. Haze is the amount of light that goes through the glass but is transmitted in a fuzzy way, seen by the human eye as a milky white color.
• Visual offers a better haze value than PVB







> 0.4


• Light transmittance is understood to be the percentage of visible light that passes directly through the glass.
• In the table we see that Evalam Visual has a higher percentage than its competitors.


The crosslink is bonding between two or more molecules and is the property that provides strength and stability to the laminated glass.

• Thanks to a crosslink value of over 87%, Evalam Visual is a thermo-stable material thermally and mechanically which makes it a material with durability and stability well over any thermoplastic such as PVB.


EVALAM VISUAL has been developed to have a strong resistance to humidity. It then avoids the dreaded delamination that appears under unfavorable weather conditions and over time when a laminated glass is installed with open edge.

• This fact is apparent when we submit EVALAM VISUAL and PVB to a Humidity and destructive test. At eight hours the PVB suffers defects more than 2.5 cm from the edge of the glass piece while EVALAM VISUAL remains unchanged in perfect condition after 20 hours.


UV filtering provides a lower attack rate to bodies or objects behind the glass and above all a longer life cycle of our laminated glass.


• Evalam Visual has three times higher adhesion than PVB, making it a product that is especially suitable for glasses that have to withstand mechanical stresses or fatigue, such as doors, stairs, or exterior facades.

• Tempered glass that is laminated has deformation memory, eventually it will try to return to its original state with adhesion being the only factor preventing this phenomenon occurring.


EVALAM Visual has better adhesion properties than PVB at room temperature, but: Did you know that summer’s average temperature in facades in many countries is around 40-50° C, in this conditions PVB completely loses its adhesion?

Evalam VISUAL has a Tg* of -18 to + 39°C *Tg is the transition temperature (solid-solid) when a strong change of the physical and mechanical properties of the material occurs. The polymer when cooled below -18 °C, becomes stiff and hard. Above this temperature they are soft and gummy. Tests with Evalam Visual are always at a temperature above its Tg -18°C so they are true tests and barely affect the general properties of the interlayer. On the contrary PVB, from 39°C upwards, the material becomes soft and gummy, losing initial properties such as adhesion to the glass, a property that is not lost with Visual thanks to its high crosslink value and the fact it is thermostable. This data is easily checked with a peel test where a piece of glass is laminated to a piece on PET (polyester sheet) and is subjected to a heating process of 40°C for two hours. With PVB, the PET and PVB can be removed from the glass by hand, meaning at 40°C the PVB has little or no adhesion value.


In recent years due to the high development of our society the noise level has tripled and with this so have architectural requirements. EVALAM VISUAL gives a higher soundproofing than standard PVB which makes it an excellent product for noisy environments and for double glazing.


Typically speaking, the main reason glass is used as a building product, aside from it’s aesthetic properties, is for the protection it offers to both goods and people behind it. These glasses are usually laminated together with tempered glass and regardless of the lamination material, PVB or EVA, both have the same classifications.

Evalam is classified as “break safe”, according to Pendulum test UNE-EN 12600: 2003 and it has the maximum safety certification :, 1B1 = 4T 4T.2 in Drop Ball test according UNE-EN 12600: 2003, with only 0.76mm of tempered glass.



Päämiehemme Hornos Industriales Pujol toimittaa kevään 2016 aikana Lasiliiri Oy:lle Riihimäelle uuden automaattisen laminointi- ja asennuslinjan. Pujolin ratkaisu mahdollistaa autoklaavittoman laminointiprosessin säästäen näin huomattavasti tuotantoprosessin energia- ja vesikuluja. Linja tuo mukanaan myös EVA-laminoinnin, joka on tutkitusti ominaisuuksiltaan perinteistä PVB-laminointia parempi. Pujolilla on laaja valikoima EVA-pohjaisia laminointikalvoja eri käyttötarkoituksiin ja yhdessä linjan kanssa löytyy ratkaisu asiakkaiden erilaisiin tarpeisiin. EVA-laminointi mahdollistaa lisäksi erilaisten älylasien valmistuksen, joissa LCD-kalvon ja sähkön avulla pystytään muokkaamaan laminoidun lasin ominaisuuksia kuten läpinäkyvyyttä.



Matti Malin, North East Trading Oy with Ari Liiri, toim.joht. Lasiliiri Oy


Finished assembly and the automated line in production